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376 Wilson Road South, Oshawa, ON, L1H 6C7, CA

Phone: (905) 728-6117


The Empirre Restaurant, located at 376 Wilson Rd S, Oshawa, Ontario, is a culinary gem that is widely acclaimed for its mouthwatering fried chicken. This restaurant has gained a reputation for serving some of the best fried chicken in the area, drawing in locals and visitors alike who crave the delectable flavors and crispy textures.

The fried chicken at The Empirre Restaurant is a true standout. Prepared with expertise and precision, each piece is cooked to perfection, boasting a golden-brown crust that encases tender and juicy meat. Whether you prefer classic Southern-style fried chicken or crave a unique twist with special seasonings and spices, The Empire Restaurant delivers on both taste and quality. Enjoy a wide selection of beer and liquor.
Liquor Licensed
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Love this place! They have the best chicken wings and the beer is a great price.

— Fred

Great food and amazing prices. Will be back.

— Gordie K

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