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1174 Saint Clair Avenue West, Toronto, ON, M6E 1B4, CA

Phone: (416) 656-4913


If you're a food lover in Toronto, you will want to experience Tequila Imperial's unique and delicious flavours. Tequila Imperial, located in the heart of Toronto, is dedicated to serving traditional Mexican cuisine made with the freshest and highest quality ingredients. We invite you to savour every bite and enjoy an authentic taste of Mexican culture with the added treat of the original Mariachi.

Conveniently park at the paid public parking located at the back of the restaurant.



Wonderful family-run place! We had such a lovely time here. The food was excellent, and the staff were really friendly. We even got to witness their talented chef sing a few Spanish songs. He has an incredible voice!

The owner was so kind, she visited our table multiple times to check on how we were doing.

We’ll definitely visit again :-)

— Karishma Rajaratnam

Amazing people, great Service, super welcoming environment. They even gave me a free meal lovely place overall 10/10 would recommend and definitely will be going back

Vegetarian options: Have great vegetarian options

Kid-friendliness: Even have some kiddy chairs/tables things in the back just in case little ones would like to sit and eat

— Diddel Heywood

We went to for their opening tasting and thoroughly enjoyed the tasty, soft, juicy meat in the flautas, gorditas and sopes (and the fact the sope didn't fall apart even being saved for last). Atmosphere was nice and service was prompt! Two happy guests here. We will be back.

— Heather Faulkner

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