Benefits of shopping local in the GTA

Shop Local, Nov 28, 2020

By Dave Currie

Nowadays, we’re all consumed by online shopping, with groceries delivered, packages arriving the next day after ordering, and click and collect services. There’s little room for shopping locally, whether in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) or elsewhere.


Now more than ever, local businesses need your support, mainly as a result of the economic consequences of the coronavirus in the GTA area and across the globe. Despite this, many customers are unaware of the benefits of shopping local, so this article aims to educate local residents on the benefits of local shopping.


To find local shops and businesses to support in the GTA area, click here.

Supporting the local GTA economy

Unlike supporting shops such as Amazon, online clothing stores, or other e-commerce ventures, shopping locally keeps money in the GTA area. This allows businesses to grow, the local community to develop, and the economy to continually grow.


Furthermore, local businesses, especially supermarkets and convenience stores, are able to stock fresh fruit, veg, and locally sourced meat, all of which is good for you and your family. The health benefits of this are enormous, and a reason within itself to shop local in the GTA area.

Increased non-profits donations

Unlike larger chains and stores, local businesses are more likely to give generously to charity via non-profit donations. These donations are usually to local charities, including youth groups, food banks, and other services that require financial support.


By shopping locally in the GTA area, local charities, groups, and greater vulnerable people will benefit from this - keeping it in the community and supporting our own people. There may come a time when shopping local helps yourself too, should you find yourself in a difficult space financially.

Reduced environmental impact

Shopping local helps to reduce greater environmental impact. A walk to a local shop or business in the GTA area contributes to less sprawl, pollution, and habitat loss. You’re also supporting local farmers and initiatives, all of which contribute to the local GTA area.

More jobs in the local GTA area

The greater the demand for local business, the more job roles, and advertisements for those in the local GTA area. As a result of the coronavirus, and in general, there’s always a need for more local jobs, both for young people and local residents.

You matter more when shopping locally!

When you shop local, you matter more. Unlike larger supermarkets and businesses that already have a customer base, local businesses pay more attention to you, your needs, and the local communities.


You’re also supporting yourself and your family when shopping local, with proceedings going towards local tax and services such as the police and fire department.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to shop local?

If, upon reading this short article, you’d like to shop local, supporting local businesses, and giving back to your local community, you do so by clicking here. Using the Shop local GTA website, you can search for different businesses, shops, and stores in the Greater Toronto Area. #shoplocal

4 reasons why your ducts need attention


By ShopLocalGTA Dec 18th 2020


Nothing is better than having a clean and fresh living space.

Some people do not realize that their air ducts in their house, are a favorite place for dust, dirt, and other allergens. Central air conditioning systems draw in air from outdoors to the house and bring in dust, pollen and other contaminants easily make their way indoors.

Cleaning your home’s air ducts by yourself is not something you should do on your own. It’s a complex process that requires a professional with their specialized tools

If you need to know when your air ducts need cleaning, keep reading and learn the signs of dirty air ducts!

Evidence of Dirty Air Ducts

You need to keep a keen eye out for these 4 signs that your air ducts are getting dirty.

1. Mold that is found in your furnace and or air conditioning system.

The fact that most HVAC service professionals recommend scheduling 2 service visits a year. Air conditioners and furnaces can develop condensation which can lead to mold.

Your service professional may tell you that your HVAC system has evidence of mold growing in it, Next ask them to see evidence. The next step should be to contact a mold professional.

2. Your home has been under major renovation.

Contractors are usually great about cleaning up and sectioning off work areas to prevent extra dust, but dust and debris always seems to find its way in the ducts. If your HVAC system is not on and covered completely covered during construction or renovation Dust and debris will find it’s way into your air duct.

Construction dust are fine particulate that you do not want to breathe in so don’t wait until have respiratory issues call the professionals.

3. Your home is Always dusty

If you do notice that flat surfaces in your house has a layer of dust on it no matter how often you clean your house. You probably need to have your ducts cleaned.

You can always take a look at your vents around your house. Are they visibly dirty or dusty? Look into your vents by removing the cover.  Is the metal covered in dust?

If your answer is yes to both questions, call Shiny Home Care 647-882-8092\

4. You have noticed that your heating and cooling costs climbing,

Heating and cooling costs should be very predictable year to year. If you see your heating bill noticeably higher and if you go back to your billing records and note that your utility bills are allot higher now compared to the same time the year before, your air-duct might be partially to blame.

Ductwork in very extreme cases can become so dirty that even the air is not able to flow freely and efficiently through your home’s HVAC system. When this happens, your furnace and air conditioner are working harder and as a result use more energy to maintain the temperature that you have set your thermostat to. This extra energy uses can translate to higher utility bills in the long run.

Beyond removing debris air duct cleaning technician will also look for leaking ducts. Overall ductwork is mostly installed in a home in sections, and the sections are sealed preventing air leakage. Over some time, however, these original seals can deteriorate and breakdown that often reduces the efficiency of your HVAC system.

You will still have air moving through the ductwork, but some of that heated or cooled air will end up in the attic, walls and basement.

The main point is that when your ductwork is not sealed properly, It will cost you in the long run when heating and cooling your home.

Contact Shiny Home Care (647) 882-8092

Shiny Home Care is a cleaning company dedicated to providing impeccable cleaning service for GTA and surrounding area homes and businesses. Shiny Home Care offers a high quality and highly professional cleaning services across a wide range to suit the cleaning needs of its customers. Shiny Home Care is customer friendly and is ready to compromise its service schedule to suit the cleaning needs at the convenience of its customers. #shoplocal #ductcleaning