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43.91327933711129, -78.68805135130168, Bowmanville, Ontario

Phone: (289) 355-8219


Have something rusting away, heavy or just broken and no longer want it? Well look no further as at Mr. T’s Enterprise (based out of Bowmanville, ON but travels to most places) its as simple as “One Call and I’ll Take It All” (289-355-8219). We cover large parts of the Durham Region, Northumberland and some of the GTA.

Same day bookings and pick ups. No hassle. Let us take the stress away for you

We refurbish, Rehome and Recycle!
We do residential and commercial calls!

Junk removal is also offered.
Small grey trailer: I start at $150 and up
Big green trailer (for massive junk removal jobs) I start at $400 and up!

Call or contact us below!


Bought an item from him and he lied about information on it. When I messaged him to correct the lie he laughed and tried to say him lying and taking 250$ from me was my problem. Just think before you hire sketchy people who can’t even be honest about a 250 item before u let them onto your property could only imagine what this guy steals form people.

— You know

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One Call I’ll Take It All.

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