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603 Parliament Street, Toronto, ON, M4X 1P9, CA

Phone: (647) 802-5941


Maracas is the most authentic Trinidadian food in Toronto.


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How to assemble Trini doubles with @limewithling

Let me walk you though my day and watch me work and cook also learn things and succeed with me :)

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Pepper Shrimp with Fresh Pasta Trini Style

Fresh pasta with a side of tea is literally the next step in my life I know you guys have been with me for a while now you know we built a food trailer together unfortunately it was stolen I had to decide what’s next and guess it’s finally happening….. all in.

maracas 2.0
Maracas redemption

If you don’t know who I am I go by the name Ling and this is my story. Food has always been a large part of my life, I remember growing up and watching my dad prepare meals for our family. I watched every little detail of what he did and it's something that still resonates with me today. At the beginning of my adult life, I was very business focused and started out by buying my first home when I was 18. I went to work on flipping my first home and actually enjoyed it. I had the skills and qualifications to do this and from there I continued to grow my business.

After a few years of flipping homes, my best friend at the time approached me with a new business venture. He claimed to be a chef and wanted me to invest in opening a restaurant where he would work out of and be the head chef. I was young and I was a risk taker. I had the funds to do this and it seemed exciting, so I went for it. After the soft opening of the restaurant and realizing his skills were lacking, I had to make a decision; did I want to close up shop and cut my losses or push myself to do what I can to for this business to grow and see where it takes me. I took a leap of faith and that is the beginning of my time in the kitchen.

From the moment I cooked the first meal and watched customers enjoy the food I had prepared, I was hooked. The feeling of watching others enjoy this food was almost like a drug. I can't explain it, but it lit a fire within and that's when I discovered my passion for cooking. I only wanted to continue to grow and master my craft. I learned from various chefs over the years but most of what I know today is self taught. Food is a huge part of my life and I don't go a day without thinking of what I'm going to make for my next meal. Regardless of the path I took, I call myself a chef. The passion I have for what I do is nothing like no other. I am looking into opening a new location in the very near future. This location will be my heart and soul and I cannot wait to be in my kitchen cooking for you again. The look on your face from the initial first bite is what brings me joy.

I hope you enjoy this video and subscribe 🙄🤗🤗

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Fire On The Doubles

Fire On The Doubles
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I have fought my whole life for every inch. I am a chef that only wants to cook. Please share my video help bring Trinidad toronto

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New season of my content is ready and it all starts September 6th

Guys it’s been a Journey and I am on a mission it all starts September 6th 2022 let’s go subscribe and stay turned. 

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