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56 Trudeau Drive, Bowmanville, ON, L1C 4K3, CA

Phone: (905) 442-3532


Imagine… A dessert healthier than your dinner. Welcome to Twenty 1!

Originating in Bowmanville Ontario, Twenty 1 is dedicated to all natural, plant based and hand-made desserts. Through the enduring passion of owner and operator Tijana Bogdanovic, we specialize in fulfilling your dream desserts, without breaking the bank. Tijana embodies the Twenty 1 brand and delivers vegan, organic dessert creations using all natural ingredients; avoiding preservatives and processed food in all our addictive creations.

“It takes 21 days to break a habit”

We believe that healthy habits matter! Each of our desserts is made with love and passion for sharing inspiration for health and happiness with each other. Our mission is to change the world one dessert at a time.

The creator of Twenty 1, Tijana Bogdanovic is a certified food handler and health conscious vegan.

With over 10 years of experience living a life of devotion to a vegan lifestyle, Tijana makes her life and profession that of sharing her experience, knowledge and delectable desserts with others through mentoring, classes and her own recipes.

The next time someone offers you the dessert tray, ask if it’s from Twenty 1 before second thoughts kick in. We love making desserts with nutritional value, and we need our customers to feel great about enjoying every bite!

Please take your time, and browse our site. It means a lot to us. Each picture of our products shows a fine attention to detail, love and quality. Please expect the same unwavering consistency in each order.


Twenty 1 Menu

August 2021

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“The most delicious treats!! I order these often for myself and my kids. I have also enrolled in a Unbaking Class and cannot wait!! Highly recommend!!”

— Jeenie Brasseur

"I tried the lemon and almond balls. They're delicious and healthy! I highly recommend. I'm looking forward to trying more treats!"

— Jessica Dawn

"Wow! Absolutely incredible desserts! I have tried the Orange zest chocolates and the vanilla coconut donuts...both were amazing! I can't wait to try more!"

— Sarah Downing

“We've just bought a Chocolate Ganache and a Hazelnut Cream Raw Cakes yesterday. Upon tasting and subsequently eating a slice of each, this VELVETY GOURMET explosion of TASTE, TEXTURE and FLAVOR which can only be described as HEAVENLY took over our entire beings...

GOURMET, DIVINE ALCHEMY are the closest words that come to us, describing our celestial experience with these Heaven sent palate pleasures. At times while savoring each bite, I've found myself transported back in time to the incredible European cakes only CRUELTY FREE AND HEALTHY <3

THANK YOU Twenty 1 for this vitally needed surprise during the temp quarantine and beyond!

Truly looking forward to experience as many cakes and delights you share with the world. Our day to day joy really depends on you. With so much Gratitude and Love, THANK YOU!! <3 “

— Manu V Pleiadian

“Really enjoyed these treats! Taste great and their clean and free from being the overly processed treats you get at most big chains. Great job!”

— Terry Lugdon

“I have a huge sweet tooth. These desserts are delicious and you can taste the quality and love put into creating them!!! I eat them with a clear conscience!!!”

— Bill Bath

Twenty 1 desserts are amazingly delicious! Flavourful and pleasing to the eye, there are so many to choose from. You can eat anything from Twenty 1 and not feel guilty. I never get that heavy 'sick' feeling after eating one...or two...or three! There is no comparison, these plant based treats are simply heavenly, and everything you are looking for in a dessert! Get on that healthy living train and eat sweet treats at the same time ????

— Brandy Marie

"I LOVE these treats. They have surpassed my expectations for raw desserts, as they are usually quite dull. But Tijana knows exactly what she’s doing and I am so happy she is so close and has desserts ready daily for pick up!"

— Ang Alvarez

"Fantastic desserts!! Enjoyed by our whole family. It is great to know we have your desserts right in town. I have been looking for a very long time for products that my daughter (anaphylactic to dairy) can enjoy along with all of our family and not have "that's yours and that's ours". Thank you so much!"

— Shauna Campbell-Rekker

"Been vegan for over three years now and I am always on the lookout for yummy desserts! I am extremely satisfied with Twenty1!!!!! Ordered a slice of the chocolate cheesecake, two white coconut doughnuts, and lastly a chocolate doughnut and wow!! I will definitely be ordering again very soon! If you are a coconut lover like myself order the coconut doughnuts... I am still drooling and the cake was extremely moist and cheesecake like! - Both my message and phone call were answered with a couple of minutes. Overall, 5/5 stars!!!!"

— Lulu Kennedy

“Inspirational raw vegan baker. Wow her unbaking is delicious. Great healthy food that’s unprocessed. Love her personality.”

— Jane Nesbitt-Kuipers

"We ordered individual cheesecake cups for my son’s 1st birthday party. We wanted a dessert that would be suitable for all of our guests (vegan/GF) and we were absolutely thrilled with the outcome. Not only were they beautiful, but they were delicious! Everyone was raving about them about could not believe they were vegan/GF!!! The service we received was outstanding as well. I would highly recommend 21 Desserts and will definitely be ordering from them again soon."

— Laura Caird

"Just had a slice of Matha Lemon cheesecake, amazing!!!"

— Stephanie Wilson

"Had the orange-chocolate squares on Tuesday night.... mind = blown

These are the best desserts available locally, hands down, raw vegan or not!

Gave some to my partner (she doesn't eat dairy or gluten).... she looked at me after taking a bit like I had given her edible diamonds. Even my dad, who's obsessed with chocolate (but old school and doesn't care about health-conscious choices) couldn't get enough of these treats. Highly recommend!!"

— Dylan J. Todhunter

"Omg the best desserts I have EVER had!!!!! I ordered a chocolate caramel cheesecake for my friend for her birthday....soooo amazing!

My favorite so far is the orange zest SOOOOO good! No guilty feeling afterwards either...I am so ordering more in the near future! Thank you!!!

— Stephanie Filippeos

"Amazing mini lemon cheesecake-who knew raw could taste so delicious?!"

— Corry Hamilton

The best tasting deserts I have ever had. Highly recommended!

— Shannon

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Twenty1 Desserts

Plant Based, Gluten Free, Organic Desserts made in Bowmanville!

Our delicious creations are free from processed sugar, soy and corn, made with 100% natural ingredients. For entire selection visit or email

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