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201 Wicksteed Avenue, Toronto, ON, M4G 0B1, CA

Phone: (416) 425-6062


Power Soccer was formed in 1996 with the goal to create a soccer coaching resource for the burgeoning population of Canadian players and coaches. Since then, Power Soccer has grown to become one of the most respected soccer schools/academies in Canada. The growth of Power Soccer is a direct result of the exceptional coaching staff who conduct insightful and enjoyable training programs that are completely focused on player development. Power Soccer offers soccer schools year round, summer camps, March Break, PA day & Christmas camps, 1 on 1 training, team training and has a competitive Academy team, Power FC.


We want to thank all at Power Soccer for this week's camp.

They loved it, and it was so good for them to be with other kids after having arrived in Canada during lock down.

They are still talking about it and practicing their skills. It will never be forgotten, I think!

Thank you again,

— Libbie

I have been meaning to send you an E-mail for some time now. I hope you and all at the Power family are doing well. Brock is in his Junior season at The University of Kentucky and as they say, it is going by quickly. The University of Kentucky has been a great experience for him on the pitch and in the classroom (as it is supposed to be). He is taking Computer Engineering and has secured an internship with Morgan Stanley next summer in preparation for the next stage of his life. This is an opportunity we are certain he would not have had if he was not playing soccer at UK. The resources available for athletes is beyond anything we could imagine here in Canada. I wanted to thank you and the Power coaches for all you did for Brock in terms of training, encouragement and opportunities over his developmental years that helped provide him with the chance to play at UK. Playing the game the right way and developing his individual talent was always encouraged and I had felt that was far more important than winning at all costs at the younger ages. It paid off for Brock.

— Scott

I just wanted to let you know how much fun our kid, Braeden, has been having this session in the Under 10 program on Thursdays at the City of Toronto venue. Braeden and all the kids are having a great time and you can really see the improvement in all of them. He's having a blast, getting better and more out of the sessions every week. Total credit to you and all the team there and I’m constantly amazed at the amazing level of all the coaches.

Thanks to you and the team for putting together such an amazing program.

— Andrew

Power Soccer is a great organization. I highly recommend this place.

— Tina

Power Soccer is the best and most experienced school around. My son loves it.

— Mary

Great coaches and very experienced.

— Hirsh S

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