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185 Consumers Drive, Whitby, ON, L1N 1C4, CA

Phone: (905) 668-2000


Puffs are always served Hot & Fresh. Puffs are made without any dairy products, they are egg-free, peanut-free, soy-free and contain no preservatives. Freshness is always guaranteed, as Puffs are made upon order and topped with one of its famous glazes on the spot. Mr. Puffs has got you covered with their ice cream options including: Mount Olympus, soft-serve ice cream and a side of Puffs, drizzled with your favorite glaze. For the ultimate ice cream experience, try one of our ice cream cones dipped in Belgian chocolate and garnished with your favorite toppings or one of our creamy milkshakes. If you are looking for a little pick-me-up, our coffee menu will do the trick. Hot and iced coffees are available on our menu.


Mr. Puffs Menu

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Mr.Puffs presents our newest glaze - CHEESECAKE 🍰

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Mr. Puffs Whitby GRAND OPENING

Client: Mr. Puffs Canada

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