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1701 Carousel Drive, Pickering, ON, L1X 2R2, CA

Phone: 416- 220-0616

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A Healing Foods Company - Feed your JOY!
Feed your Joy! You were not created to live in pain and misery. You've been given a gift, that only you can share with the world in your own unique way. But it's hard to share when you're in mental/physical pain. What you eat, what time of day you eat it, the way you combine your ingredients and your mindset while preparing and consuming together dictate the results of your health. You can choose to feed your pain or feed your joy, you always have a choice.
Everything we create, speak about and teach is guided by the Anti-angiogenesis diet (Cancer fighting diet - found at, the MS diet (found at and the low Glycemic Index diet (found at Canadian Diabetes Association – and Ayurvedic Food and Nutrition.


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Disease Prevention | Eat to Heal | Toronto Canada | Ki's Kitchen

Our meals at Ki's Kitchen are inspired by the guidelines set by the Anti-angiogenesis diet (Cancer fighting diet), the Candida diet, the low Glycemic Load diet, Ayurveda Food Combining principles, and the Heart & Stroke diet.

All meals are 100% plant-based vegan, non-GMO, peanut and egg-free, sugar free, and gluten-free.

Find out if you are in our delivery zone, and how you can take advantage of all things Ki's Kitchen, TODAY!