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9 Niagara Street, Toronto, ON, M5V 1C2, CA

Phone: (416) 593-5225


Hounds of York is owned and run by a group of people who love dogs. We didn't just invest in a business. We are trainers, dog nutritionists and behaviour specialists. And, most importantly, we are dog owners, having adopted, raised and cared for dozens of canine companions. Our business was built with them and for them.

Opening in 2017, the primary goal of HoY was to become a neighbourhood resource for dog owners; a place to drop in for treats, cuddles and advice.

Located across from the beautiful Victoria Memorial Square, HoY got its name from history. The area was originally known as Fort York, and today the Square still sits in the Fort York National Historic Site.

Hence, our pack is the Hounds of York and the park is a valuable resource for the store, used for frequent walks and potty breaks for our daycare dogs.

And the store has become a valuable community resource for local groups, providing a regular space for different breed meet-ups. We also strive to give back, holding regular fun events for our customers and the neighbourhood to raise money for worthwhile animals charities.

Come and visit us today. And don't forget to bring your dog. There's always an open bag of treats!


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