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251 Queen Street, Port Perry, ON, L9L 1B9, CA

Phone: (905) 985-1456

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Why are Herrington’s Quality Meats So Good?
As an ex-farmer, Brent visits many of the farms that he buys meat from himself, ensuring that the quality is high. You can actually tell the difference.

Unlike many of the larger store brand meats, the meats at Herrington’s Quality Butchers are not processed with any water or saline solution ensuring less shrinkage. Even the seasonings Brent uses on some of the prepared foods, like teriyaki shish kabobs or breaded schnitzel, contain no MSG.


Fresh and great quality!

— Sue

Steak meat pies are my favorite!

— Ann

Go there on the way to my cottage. My favorite place.

— Dawn

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Final Round - 2016 Ontario's Finest Butcher Competition

The final round of the Ontario's Finest Butcher competition 2016 took place at Deerhurst Resort, Huntsville. The top three butchers proceeding from an elimination round held earlier in the fall, had a half hour to transform a whole rabbit, chicken, and veal loin into merchandisable cuts ready for the barbecue. Butchers included Peter Baarda, Brent Herrington, and Nicholas Matusiak.

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