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There’s no doubt that the food culture within Durham is often vibrant and exciting, We want to explore what the most popular Durham region eats locations locally! However, knowing where to find top-quality food in Durham can seem tough, which is where our team is on hand! We’ve outlined a key list of some of the best local restaurants in the Durham region to help you find the perfect eats for you.

The Best Durham Region Eats and Local Restaurants You Must Try!

Have you been looking for the best Durham region eats and local restaurants? If so, the following might be ideal options to consider. Whether you’ve found them on the ShopLocalGTA app or if this is your first time hearing of them, there’s a lot to love!

#1 Brothers Ristorante

If you’re looking for a fun, romantic, and authentically Durham region eats experience, the Brother Ristorante is a must-visit destination! Indeed, as one of the most highly praised Italian restaurants in the local Durham area, it’s a popular local destination with options for every diet. Plus, their use of fresh local ingredients as much as possible definitely helps round out their dishes with a fresh and hearty taste that’s hard to ignore.

#2 Greek Tycoon Restaurant

Greek Tycoon Restaurant is an excellent place to visit if you’ve got a hearty appetite and a love for genuine delicious Greek Food. This brilliant local restaurant is the perfect place to try fresh-from-the-grill ingredients such as saganaki, souvlaki, seafood, marinated meats, and other traditional Greek fares that are always freshly cooked. What’s not to love about that?

#3 Momos Eh!!

Another great option you should definitely consider is Momos Eh!!, a specialized Indo-Tibetan cuisine-inspired restaurant located in the heart of Bowmanville. They bring the authentic taste of Indo-Tibetan cuisine to Canada. They have introduced  different tastes delicacy of momos. Their menu contains Beef Momo’s, Chicken Momo’s, Veg Momo’s, and a lot more varieties at a very reasonable price. Main Street Square Plaza, 129 King St E, Bowmanville.

#4 Forum Drive-In Restaurant

Undoubtedly, the Forum Drive-In Restaurant is one of the most loved restaurants in Durham. It’s simple and charmingly rustic, and every single dish produced by the team shows a level of love, care, and attention to detail that’s often lost in other settings. As such, if it’s top-quality, authentic food you’re looking for that won’t break the bank, the Forum Drive-In Restaurant is definitely a must-visit place!

#5 Balti Indian Restaurant

Toronto Star Diamond Awarded Indian Restaurant in Durham – and Balti Indian Restaurant definitely launched to fill this gap. Without a doubt, if you want high-quality North Indian Food, Balti Indian Restaurant could be right for you. They produce the freshest and highest quality homemade spices—with no MSG, trans fats, added preservatives, or tenderizers.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that finding the most amazing Durham region eats can sometimes seem challenging, but hopefully, today’s local restaurants will have given you some new ideas and inspirations for where to begin. However, if you’re still unsure, visit ShopLocalGTA to find the perfect one to try. You might just find a brand-new restaurant you adore!



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