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9620 McCowan Road, Berczy Village, ON, L3P 0B7, CA

Phone: (416) 876-5296


Why Choose Us?

Since established in 1999, "ProTouch" has been servicing 24 hour operating locations and has proudly been claim free, meaning absolutely no “slip and fall claims”.

Snow Relocation Services

Snow can accumulate very quickly in bad winter storms. This is where "ProTouch" can help you plan ahead with our snow relocation services.

What is snow relocation? When the designated piles of snow get too high, we relocate the snow piles to another location on your property. This ensures a complete view of your buildings from passing traffic on the roads near by. It also allows for safe driving with clear vision while driving within your lot.

If snow is an issue for your property, contact "ProTouch" today for a free estimate. We'll make sure your property is clear of snow leaving you available to do what you do best; servicing your customers.

Snow Plow Services

Snow plowing
Snow removal & relocation
Side walk crews
Salt applications
Ice melt products and applications
Salt bins on location
Commercial snow plowing
Industrial snow plow
Retail snow plow

Since being established in 1999, "ProTouch" has been successfully servicing our customers with reliable, efficient snow services. Some of which are listed as follows:

Public malls (Pacific Mall)
Coffee shops (Tim Hortons)
Retail, Commercial and Industrial buildings (McDonald's)
Hotels (Best Western, Sheraton, Park Inn, Delta, Holiday Inn)

Safety is our priority, we ensure that our customers properties are safe and cleared of snow in a timely fashion. We operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We aim to impress. As soon as snow starts to accumulate, "we are there". (We carry $5,000,000 in liability insurance).

Communication is the key to success and all of our trucks and machines are equipped with 2 way radios and GPS. We also use current models to stay up to date with technology to ensure the most efficient and reliable snow plowing services.

Our employees are hand picked professionals, thoroughly trained and have years of experience. Our staff is covered with WSIB.


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