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POW Academy helps children develop excellent communication and leadership skills. Classes are led by certified teachers, who provide students the core building blocks to become more persuasive and confident writers and presenters.


So impressed with the service and offering by Power of Words Academy especially through this challenging time. They offered their programs online in a small group setting and my child really enjoyed the Debate Camp. He was highly engaged and found it to be interactive, fun and inclusive. All of the technology worked without issue and the teachers did a great job keeping the campers motivated and enthusiastic. Thanks Power of Words.

— Parent

As workplaces become more collaborative, the ability to clearly express ideas is, perhaps more than ever before, a core skill across all areas of interest. No matter how good an idea is, if it can’t be expressed effectively, it risks being lost in the shuffle of a very busy world. Likewise, the old saw is as true now as it ever was: great stories happen to those who can tell them. That’s the point where Power of Words begins, namely that student success is tied to effective written and verbal communication. It’s also about finding a bit of joy in there as well—debate is a growing area of interest in the public and private school sectors, not only because it’s important, but also because it’s fun. Power of Words offers afterschool and weekend sessions throughout the year to give students a chance to grow their skills in a supportive, dedicated environment. In addition, the summer sessions offer opportunities to drill down on debate and language skills, offering some variety to the season’s activities while also helping with the summer lull in academic work. While some programs aim at the high school level, the Power of Words session allow younger students to get their feet wet, which is a draw for many of the families that enroll.

— Our Kids Media

I kept hearing great things about Power of Words from so many other parents in my neighbourhood so enrolling my son was an easy decision. We just started the summer enrichment program and it's been such a worthwhile experience already - my son is actively engaged in the virtual classes, he's picking up new concepts quickly, and the teacher is amazing - her lessons are well-planned, she provides timely & relevant feedback, and cares about the success of her students. Highly recommend for parents who are looking to fill in learning gaps and give their kids a boost when it comes to language comprehension, writing and speaking skills.

— Testimonial - Parent

Hafsa and team, I just wanted to send an email that my daughter, ------, is finishing debate camp today. I have to say that she was truly reluctant to join this camp but I asked her to try it out for me. I'm delighted to say that she really found the camp enjoyable, lots of laughter and smiles every day with the activities that were planned, including allowing them to choose what topics to debate, playing Spyfall, and learning about some introductory concepts in debate. Thanks for running a great camp.

— Parent

My daughter ---- is in the grade 2-3 group with Lithiya. I need to let you know what a wonderful job I feel she is doing with this young group. I’m not sure if she is a teacher in the school system, but her ability to capture their attention for 2 hours is unreal. I wasn’t sure what type of program this would be when I registered her, and I didn’t quite understand what ----- would get out of this course. I’ve been so pleasantly surprised with the outcome of this course, and the way it is being taught. I honestly feel that Lithiya should teach countless teachers how to teach a class with zoom. It’s an art that many teachers can not master. I feel she has complete control of her class, or so it seems to me, and the children seem to be very motivated. The reason why my daughter is interested and eager to improve, is because of the method of this teacher. ---- is able to ask as many questions as she needs, as there is an open dialogue of discussion, and she’s encouraged by the other children (and her teacher) to focus and work. The struggles ----- faced with the March-June shut down was because she didn’t have the constant access to her teacher (and questions) as she does now with this course. Usually ----- isn’t motivated with English, and writing was her weak point. With this course, I don’t need to beg her to do the homework and she is excited and proud with the stories she is creating. I’m not sure if all your staff are like Lithiya, but from what I can see, she is so motivating, respectful, creative and very kind. I love how she praises the kids and is excited when they get the answers correct. Thank you for providing this course to these kids in the summer time. I am quite sure that once this course is complete we will register her for another one when time allows.

— Parent

It is really wonderful to see all the progress and confidence ——- has gained since May last year. I'm not sure if he mentioned it to you but he was voted as his class valedictorian at Windfields (due to the pandemic, each class voted for their own valedictorian). He gave a speech to his class with four other nominees and the class voted for him! We were ecstatic to find out that he had the confidence to submit a speech and present it to the class. He's come a long way! It's a great start to high school!

— Parent

As the year ends I wanted to thank you for this amazing program! —— really enjoyed the class but even more so I am so impressed with what he has learned this year. So much so, we have registered him and his younger sister for next year as well! I have also shared the info with some of the moms I know because I have been raving about POW to them! Mr. Pilli is amazing - please let him know we think he is wonderful with the kids! Thank you again for everything! We are looking forward to the next school year with you!

— Parent

Just checking in and wanted to thank you and Ms Clements for the wonderful opportunity to learn grammar and practice writing these past few weeks. During this pandemic and chaos, it is so great to have a place twice weekly where ----- is actually sitting in front of an instructor and peers in a more structured way.

The speeches were fantastic! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication throughout the year.

— Parent

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Power of Words Academy Programs

Power of Words is now accepting registrations for the 2020-2021 school year. Register before March 31, 2020 and get 10% off tuition fees. Send in your registration request today and we'll confirm your spot and schedule your free assessment. Spaces are limited! Visit our website at www.powerofwordsacademy.ca

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Power of Words Writing and Public Speaking Academy

Being able to communicate effectively is one of the most important life skills for children to learn and is essential in their development. If your child learns how to communicate well, both orally and in writing, it will help them to express themselves clearly and convey their thoughts and feelings in a better manner. Excellent communication skills, in essence, will help your child facilitate learning and meaningful exchange of information with their teachers, peers and more generally, during their interactions with people throughout their lives.

At Power of Words Academy, we have combined the aspects of reading comprehension, writing and public speaking into one comprehensive program to help children become powerful communicators.

A child who learns how to effectively communicate is likely to perform better academically in all subject matters. At our Academy, your child will develop an appreciation of the power of the written and spoken word! Our programs are designed with the objective to boost your child's self-esteem and confidence,

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