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19834 Airport Road, Caledon, ON, L7K 0A1, CA

Phone: (519) 316-9522


Discover pizza perfection with our gourmet toppings and handcrafted dough.
Come and join us for a slice of heaven at our cozy pizzeria, where every bite is a delight."

For quick pick up orders, please call us at 519 316-9522

For catering and large take out orders, please email us at:

Molto Bene Pizzeria and More Eh is located at 19834 Airport Road, Caledon, Caledon L7K0A1

Molto Bene Pizzeria And More Eh! Pizzería Ready to fall in love with the most delicious flavors? Welcome to our pizza corner. 🍕❤️


Are you kidding me? Real bacon? Real sausage? Tasty thin crust? A sauce that doesn't taste the same as every other place around? Awesome owners and a great price complete the food we had at Molto. We will be back.

— Barney

I had a half cheese and half pepperoni pizza and let me tell you, the BEST pizza I have had in a while. Maybe in all of Ontario. The crust was so thin, and it was so cheesy. I had an eggplant and veal sandwich and they both were abnormally good. My personal favourite was the eggplant sandwich. The pork bites were out of this world, and the staff are so friendly and welcoming. I hope that everyone tries this pizza place, phenomenal. Exceeded my expectations and the rest of the caledon/mono/orangeville community.

— Noah Shamoon

Great pizza and great people! Perfect crust, didn’t skimp on toppings and have the friendliest staff. Will be back for sure!

— Jacqueline Royce

Great atmosphere, Family business, They care. I have been there twice this month. Great fod. Calzone, Pizza, Lasagna

— Ivan Monroy

Absolutely delicious!! We've been waiting for a pizza shop in Mono mills and it was just what we needed. We tried 2 different pizzas and the Argentinian empanadas...they did not disappoint! No leftovers in sight! We cannot wait to order again and try some of their other pizzas and other menu items. ALSO! HOMEMADE GARLIC SAUCE IS A MUST TRY! Definitely a welcomed establishment to mono mills!

— Navneet Singh

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