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2849 Kingston Road, Toronto, ON, M1M 1N2, CA

Phone: (437) 837-0458

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Let’s take you to the streets of Nigerian with our delicious Street Menu. Blessinglicious serves delicious Nigerian street Food.

Meet Blessing - The lovely chef behind her world class Nigerian food.

Blessing was born in Nigeria. As a young girl, while growing up spent a lot of time in the kitchen with her mother who was a caterer/restaurant owner.
Blessing also helped to manage her father’s bar/hotel, she also helped the kitchen staff in prepping and preparing the meals.

She was a major help when it got to cooking and serving at the different events her mother catered for.
Blessing developed a deep love for cooking the first day she attempted to prepare a meal by herself without help from her mom and got good remarks and feedback!!

Blessing migrated to Canada in 2015 as a student. She continued cooking and MOST of her friends befriended her because of her cooking skills! Blessing worked in a bar/restaurant for over a year in Canada.

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